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Dear friends,

This note comes Stra8 from my Heart!

Every day, all over the world, there are people who work hard to create a change, to make a difference in the lives of those that have lost hope, and those who feel used, bruised and abused. There are those who strive to support others and help them improve their lives, and there are individuals and groups whose goal is to serve as a voice for those who feel voiceless. There are also those who carry the banner of hope and light up the flame of love in our hearts, our homes, our communities, our countries and our world. They strive for peaceful communities that are free from abuse, fear and oppression.

I have decided to dedicate myself to be one such individual; using my voice to serve those who feel voiceless. This is my own way of making my little difference in this little world of ours. It is proven that anyone can choose to move on and live a life with purpose and fulfillment even after an abusive experience. I am proof that you have the ultimate power within you to change your life and positively touch the lives of others, especially those who have given up hope.

 …I am Ini, I am a voice for the many abandoned, marginalised, and abused children, girls’, young people, and women in the world”. I am the face of those children, girls’, young people, and women who have been used, bruised, and deceived. More importantly, I am the face of victory, hope and determination. I am a survivor, and I am very privileged to be part of a wonderful network of voices working for a better and just world for us, our children, and our planet. I am Ini…”

It is with great pleasure I and all at Love and Care for People welcome you to our family and website. It is with your support, kindness and generosity, we touched lives the way we do!

With all my love,
Ini Usanga

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