Everyone, no matter their age or social background, wants to be happy. We all want to feel safe and accepted in our homes and communities, and we all want to be loved and cared for. This is exactly why we are here.

Love and Care for People is an organisation that brings hope, raises awareness and educates about family violence (including but not limited to Forced Marriage, Reproductive Abuse, Honour Based Violence, Disownment, Abusive Relationships, Spousal Abuse, and Child Abuse) with a purpose to reduce and ultimately prevent it. We connect victims, survivors, and those at risk in a safe place and provide access to life-changing opportunities that will support them to empower themselves, take ownership, and transform their lives.

Some of our services include emotional and social support, personal development programmes, business and vocational skills training, advocacy campaigns, community education and prevention programmes, and micro funds to support small-scale start-ups. We offer business skills training and micro funds for small scale start-ups because most victims and survivors of family violence experience financial difficulties.

The huge scale of social problems like family violence is frequently viewed as overwhelming that it sometimes hinders our ability to act. This view point is very discouraging and makes us believe we are powerless in making a real difference.


However, we at Love and Care for People have a different approach. We believe that social problems such as family violence can be managed and addressed effectively by taking baby steps and dealing with smaller but related problems. One by one, and over a period of time, we can begin to see improvements in our lives, homes, and communities.

If you will like to support people in making change in their life’s, why not get involved!

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