Testimonies from our beneficiaries

“Love and Care for People are a gifted team of forceful, visionary women who bring an uplifting energy to survivors of forced marriage. Working with Ini Usanga has really inspired and energized me; I now see what difference I can make in the world with my experience and journey of being a victim of abuse”
Fiona Hayes, Ireland
“I want to say a very big thank you for the past week. I am one of the 12 women that benefited from the “Mighty Women” personal and business organized by Love and Care for People in DRC Congo. It was such a profound honour for me to spend time with such an inspirational group of astonishing women. To hear all the stories have really encouraged and inspired me. I learned a lot and will be sharing this with my group when I get home. This will really benefit our women because they need to hear stories that will inspire them to forge on in life”
Sarah Kasongo, DRC Congo
“Having being involved with Love and Care for People on a number of occasions; I am always overwhelmed by their zeal, determination and energy towards helping children, young people and women who have experienced some form of family violence. While Love and Care for People have a strong focus on children, young people and women; they create a balance by involving men and boys in the fight against family violence. As a man, this makes me feel totally included and valued. I have recommended Love and Care for People to many young people and will continue to do so. ”
Mary Kenya, Kenya
“Love and Care for People really do what they say they are doing … This profound organization has helped and supported me start my journey of turning my life around. This has been very challenging for me but I know I will get there. It’s been 10 years and I’ve never being able to forgive myself and my abusive partner; I have not been able to move on… But with the tools I receive from workshops you provide; hearing stories from other survivors and the connection with others that have been there, I’m now on my way to a better life for me because I valve myself better and know I deserve happiness life everyone else”
Amina H, Nigeria
“I am a survivor of child marriage and domestic violence. It’s been 10 years but now I am proud to have myself esteem and self worth back. I was always told I am ugly, useless and cannot be productive in life. Now I know this is not true. I am beautiful and productive’ ”
Ayisha Muhammed, Nigeria
“I just want to thank you for saving and transforming my life. Thank you for saving me from the unhealthy relationship I was in and for helping restore the bond I have with my two beautiful girls. With your ‘Gift of Hope’, I am able to support myself and my children and not rely on him anymore. Your non- judgmental support, love, care and encouragement has really been a pillar for me; but for your support, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. You made me see the light in my darkest moment and made me believe the world is still a beautiful place. I love you so much!”
Elizabeth, Kenya
“Before I experienced domestic violence, I never could understand why a woman would get depressed from a man working away from her life; I did not understand why a woman could not take some order by her partner (choosing her friends, controlling her finances, monitoring her call), I thought it was a way of her partner protecting her (I did not know otherwise); I told myself, ‘If he is not good to you, why don’t you just leave?’, “he is only protecting you”. Now I know better because I too have lived it and I know it is not that simple to walk away”
Emily, Kenya
“I support Love and Care for People because I believe the silence, shame, and mixed messages around family violence needs to be broken ”
Kelly, Kenya
“Thank you. I woke up this morning feeling very positive and motivated to forge ahead. I now know that life still has many beautiful things for me to enjoy. Thank you for holding my hand.”
Ayisha Bello, Nigeria
“I feel a sense of purpose and have more clarity about how I want my life to be”
Ngozi Oyinyechi, Nigeria
“Please, for all the women out there who feels the world has turned its back on you; I want you to know there is hope and there are people and organisations like Love and Care for people that really do care about you and your welfare”
Angela Oluwole, Nigeria
“I am sure that there are many women like me who need to hear what team Love and Care for People have to say about forgiving and moving on. Also women need not be ashamed to talk about their experience of abuse; you might just save your life and maybe that of someone else”
Mary O’Brien-Ireland
“It is with sincere humility I say thank you for all your support so far. We are really blessed to have had you here with us this past month”
Faith Duke, Nigeria
“This is to say huge thanks for your time with me. I feel better after our discussion and I go home believing there is still hope and my life can still be wonderful. Thank you”
Anne Ryan, Ireland