Dear Friends,

To all of you, the many friends of Love and Care for People who believe in us, support the very vital work we do and help us touch lives in the extraordinary way we do, I say Thank you. The children, young people, girls’ and women whose lives you touch…there is nothing more beautiful, rewarding and powerful that than. It is a gift and a very special privilege. Here is a glimpse of what you have helped us achieve.

  • Through our Leadership Academy and Training Institute, we have successfully trained over 150 young people and women.
  • 1200 youths have been counseled since 2013.
  • Breakfast and After School Clubs have been established, one in Nigeria and one in Kenya.
  • The Community Awareness Programme on family violence has been created and implemented.
  • Family Violence Prevention Programme has been setup and launched.
  • Health and Wellbeing Workshops have been successfully carried out.