Our donors and Friends

Cork City Council
Community Foundation for Ireland (Women’s Fund)
Sisters of Mercy
Society Africa mission
Cois Tine
Sisters of our Lady of Apostles, Cork OLA Sisters
I.R.D Duhallow Ltd

Our Angels

Joe Costello TD David Ogumefu Busie Mellissa Iguawa, Doctor Vera Sheridan Reverend John Faris Hilda Expo Pegguy Mangidi Bakulu Councellor Mellissa Mullane Constance Ekwoge Magdalena and Thomas Siekaniec Dr. Micheal Casey Rosemary Lehane Pierre Ruben Tetwoso Osilamah Solomon Imhomoh Maxwell Osondu Sabrina O’Mahony Noreen Brennean Aliu Gabriel Toba Kouakou Koffi Julia Jeje Binu Thomas Maria Kelly Oben Ashu Ifeoma Lilian Obriki Adegoke Funso Benedetta Wale Soyingbe Rasheed Ajao Obi Okoye Tayo Odunkoya Paulina Owusu Anne Mbugua Gertrude Cotter Esther Fariala Ayodele Alfred Mercy Okharedia Abby Alimi Okoshore Sinead O’Halloran; David Kipkoech Sang and Edwin kiptoo Lagat (Love and Care for People  Foundation Kenya)

“I donate to support the work of Love and Care for People because the organization is centered on giving back hope to survivors and victims of family violence. Providing non-judgmental and emotional support, as well as resources to recover from the trauma of family violence and poverty in order to let go, move on, and become independent is fundamental, but seriously underfunded. I’ve been tremendously impressed with the success of Love and Care for People in serving as an advocate to those unable to find their own voice, then connecting them to others that understand the difficulty of getting away from an abusive relationship.”
Oby, from Ireland

To all our anonymous supporters and those whose name do not appear on this list, we have not forgotten you. We remain eternally grateful for all your support and we appreciate you. We have been able to achieve all of this because of you.  If your name those not appear here and you have supported our work, please contact us immediately and we will add it on.

How your money is used

As we currently do not have any paid staff; 100% of all money raised is used to provide services for victims and survivors of family violence and poverty. All persons willing to support our overseas projects do so at their own cost.

Our Affiliates

The Red Elephant Foundation
National women Council Ireland
Cork Feminista