Below are ways you too can be the difference

Raise Awareness

Family violence is a crime that usually goes unnoticed in many communities. Most victims tend to keep silent about it due to fear and family honour. However, speaking out and seeking help has saved many lives.

Survivors can tell stories of their experiences and people passionate about family violence can also talk about it to raise awareness.


Raising awareness is a great way to mobilise people and get people involved and even get laws changed or developed to protect victims and survivors. You can speak to your local/ national decision makers, hold talks in your community and in schools about the impact family violence has on its victims and how it affects the economy of a county. You can share information about our events, trainings, workshops and even attend them. You can also be an advocate 4 change!!!

Prevention through Education

Education is a great way of raising awareness in order to prevent and break the cycle of family violence. Thus, we invite you to become an educator for the prevention of family violence. You can organise training programmes, campaigns, workshops, presentations, seminars, and conferences in schools which will cater to young people, community groups, colleges, and universities .

Speak to children and young people about responsibility, self-value, and respect for others. In this way, you become part of a community of people building a generation of children with knowledge about family violence and its impact on children, girls, young people, and women.


Advocate 4 Change

Are you deeply concerned and passionate about issues of family violence and people living in poverty? Advocating for change is a way of raising awareness about family violence, mobilising people and getting them informed about family violence and how it affects lives. It is also a way of getting the attention of policy makers and ultimately getting them to develop or change policies about family violence.