Upon embarking on a personal journey of acceptance, healing, rediscovering myself and growth, I took the ultimate challenge with myself and courageously shared my story to a group of strangers in an effort to first and foremost release myself from the prison only I allowed myself to be locked in and the hope of inspiring other women victims living in silence to break free.

I now know the heavy burden of shame, self blame, and more importantly healing can come from speaking up even if that means speaking to the person you see in the mirror.

I know the benefits of hearing stories of healing and transformation and I am very passionate to share my journey not only to educate individuals, groups and communities but to also inspire, bring hope and tell everyone the social disease of abuse we have created in the world is completely preventable but if you suffer as a victim; there is still hope of a much more enjoyable life if only you are ready to go on the journey of accepting, grieving, forgiving, healing and moving on. YOU HAVE TO LET IT GO girl! You need not suffer from the claws of an abusive experience.


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