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YouthsRule is an inclusive and nurturing youth club for young people aged 16 and above. Our objectives are to work with young people, and support them to develop their confidence, self-esteem, build and strengthen their capacity as decision makers so they can have their say on issues that affect them, and finally support them so [...]

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“Teenagers are capable people who, with proper support, guidance, opportunity, and access to services, can become responsible and exceptional adults.” Ini Usanga.   TeensRule is a non-discriminatory leadership and support initiative for underserved kids aged 12-15 from diverse cultures and educational backgrounds. TeensRule provides a safe place where these young people can meet up, express [...]

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Inspire Kidz Club

We appreciate that every child needs personalised attention because they all have unique experiences and come from different backgrounds. Our goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of underserved children and children with fewer opportunities. We want to give them the gift of an enjoyable and memorable childhood. We achieve this by offering [...]

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Father’s Day Summit

This is an annual gathering to engage men and discuss the importance of fathers being involved in the positive upbringing of children.

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Wise Men’s Corner

Our WiseMan project is a movement of men who stand with women and girls to raise awareness about family violence. They get other men involved in the fight against it. For us to have violent free homes and communities, men need to get involved in the conversation about the rights of the girl and woman. [...]

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Smilemas 4 Christmas

Inspired by an 8-year-old, productive girl named Queen Ogumefu, a member of our Inspire Kidz Club!!! Christmas is a special time of year and we at Love and Care for People believe that every child who wants to celebrate this special time should be able to do so. Children should enjoy the spirit, joy, [...]

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Couples Retreat

A weekend designed to help couples renew their vows and provides a safe avenue where they can openly and freely talk about their issues and feelings and rebuild the respect and support they have for each other.

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Enjoy Life: Women’s Conference

A women’s-only conference, the Enjoy Life is designed to help women discover how to live a happy and fulfilling life full of vision and purpose. It stimulates women to discover their greatness, energizes them to recognize the opportunities each day brings, and encourages them to seize it. We advocate for the women so that they [...]

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Women Survivor Retreat

The Annual Women’s Retreat is a weekend getaway designed for Women Survivors to support them in their journey towards healing, transformation, and moving on. It also focuses on life skills training, positive self-image, personal development, acceptance, forgiving, letting go as well as many other fun-filled activities.

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Community Wide Education Projects

At Love and Care for People we believe in the power of speaking out as it helps save lives and the healing process. In partnership with our grassroots organisations, we provide community-wide educational and prevention programmes aimed at reducing family violence and promote self sufficiency. This helps us to broaden our impact in communities.  We [...]

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