“Teenagers are capable people who, with proper support, guidance, opportunity, and access to services, can become responsible and exceptional adults.” Ini Usanga.


TeensRule is a non-discriminatory leadership and support initiative for underserved kids aged 12-15 from diverse cultures and educational backgrounds. TeensRule provides a safe place where these young people can meet up, express their views freely, deliberate on issues that affect them, be involved in making decisions that concern them, engage in learning with their peers, build life skills, make new friends, make a positive difference in their communities and the world they live in, gain confidence in themselves and in others, and build new experiences and treasured memories.

Activities Include:


  • Mentoring
  • Field Trips
  • Transnational Youth Exchange
  • Education and Vocational skills training
  • Business Training
  • Health Promotion
  • Active Citizenship and Capacity Building
  • Establishing Networks