Drivers of Positive Change

Here at Love and Care for People we believe children, young people, and women are instigators of positive change and development in their families, communities, and the world. Therefore, one of our focus areas is to celebrate their achievements. In honouring them, we hope to deliver empowerment, appreciation, and encouragement.

We achieves this by working with survivors, victims, community leaders, advocates, educators, lawmakers, and other grassroots organisations; using community-based educational programmes, public awareness campaigns, advocacy, providing a lifeline of support and a range of services including but not limited to emotional and social support, access to information, vocational skills training, access to education, recreational activities, health and wellness, enterprise and personal development programs, and among other services to reduce poverty and family violence against children, girls, young people and women.


Overall Objective

  • To provide support for survivors, victims and those at risk of family violence
  • To provide access to education and enterprise development for survivors, victims and those at risk
  • To empower children, girls, young people, and women to know their rights and to build up their own capacities as decision-makers
  • To motivate children, girls, young people, and women to be actors of positive change and make a meaningful difference in their community and the world
  • To support children, girls, young people, and women achieve the transformation they would like to see in their lives
  • To inspire and empower children, girls, young people, and women to become future advocates, mentors, leaders and role models
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Our Philosophy

We believe that every child, young person, and woman is of great value to humanity and they have rights that should be respected. With the right support, skills, and access to opportunities, they can help themselves develop.

The voices and experiences of family violence victims and survivors are fundamental to the development and implementation of all Love and Care for People programmes.



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