Love and Care for People is an independent non-profit organisation registered and headquartered in Ireland. Our work has a local, national, regional and international impact.

Built on the ethos of teamwork and team-spirit, we operate a zero tolerance to discrimination.  Individuals should be accepted just as they are with utmost respect for their dignity and self-worth. At Love and Care for People, we endeavour to create a warm and welcoming ambience while building on the spirit of friendship, mutual understanding, trust, and fairness. We recognize the value of building a sense of community and how integral it is to our daily and personal lives.

Through our grassroots development programmes, support services, partners, and networks, we are able to reach the most vulnerable children, girls, young people, and women who are our main focus.

We believe in promoting self-sufficiency where the goal is for individuals to help themselves develop. We are positive that when empowered with the right knowledge and skills, and when provided with access to opportunities, networks, and a lifeline of support, people have an opportunity to forge, and make smart decisions. We believe that this will lead to enhanced daily lives, thereby creating better lives for themselves, their families, friends, community, and the world at large.

At Love and Care for People, our children, girls, young people, and women are supported to rebuild and take ownership of their lives. They are encouraged to develop their confidence, self-appreciation, and build their own capacities as decision-makers. What’s more is that they are encouraged to make a positive difference in their own communities so that the ripple of Love and Care continues.


However, we at Love and Care for People have a different approach. We believe that social problems such as family violence can be managed and addressed effectively by taking baby steps and dealing with smaller but related problems. One by one, and over a period of time, we can begin to see improvements in our lives, homes, and communities.

If you will like to support people in making change in their life’s, why not get involved!

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